deepwater wind turbine

The South Fork has a Choice: A Clean Energy Future or More Fossil Fuels.

The South Fork Wind Farm is the clear choice for the East End. It will deliver cost-effective clean energy from a site 36 miles offshore — so far it won't be seen from our beaches. It will defer the need to build new dirty fossil-fired power generators or controversial transmission lines, which will save money on our electric bills. It will create permanent jobs in Montauk, bury utility lines in Wainscott, and provide over $3 million in benefits for the local fishing community. It can't do any of these things without your support! -- Please add your name!

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  • It's the most cost-effective solution to the South Fork's need for new sources of power (selected through a competitive solicitation from among 20 other bids).
  • The South Fork Wind Farm will produce enough clean, renewable energy every year to power 50,000 typical homes. And at more than 30 miles from shore, the wind farm will be out of sight from any Long Island Beach.
  • Our 15 turbines will generate as much energy as 1,500 acres of solar panels and offset millions of tons of carbon emissions.


All of the energy from the South Fork Wind Farm will be delivered directly to East Hampton. To get that energy here, we need to connect a new underground transmission line from the wind farm to the grid in East Hampton. We've proposed a route for that cable that starts at Wainscott Beach based on 14 months consultations with the community and nearly 20 public meetings. Soon the Town Board and the Trustees will be deciding whether to grant us the underground real estate easements that are the first step in our permitting process.

Importantly, the beach will not be impacted by installation or operation of the transmission line. And we'll maintain beach access throughout construction.

As part of our commitment to be a permanent part of the community, we've pledged to bring more than $8 million in direct benefits to the East Hampton community, including $3 million to support the commercial fishing community. Plus, we'll bury existing utility lines in Wainscott and make water infrastructure improvements in that community. We are committed to being good neighbors and active members of the local business community for the life of the wind farm.

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The decision about our onshore cable route is only the first step in a long and rigorous environmental review process for the South Fork Wind Farm. The wind farm is subject to a two-year permitting process, requiring more than 20 approvals from state and federal entities. The community will continue to have a voice throughout this review process. Detailed scientific studies will be made available for public comment and state and federal authorities will seek continued input from the community.

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