deepwater wind turbine

Community Benefits for East Hampton

The South Fork Wind Farm will provide significant benefits to the East Hampton Community:


Deepwater Wind will establish a new operations and maintenance facility in Montauk, creating job opportunities that will help support the local community over the 25-year life of the project.


Deepwater Wind will provide $2,000,000 for an Ocean Industries Sustainability Program to support the commercial fishing industry. And, Deepwater Wind will fund $1,000,000 for an Inshore Fisheries Assistance Fund promoting the economic sustainability of the local inshore fishing community.

Deepwater Wind will fund $75,000 a year for the life of the wind farm to a Marine Infrastructure and Management Fund.


Deepwater Wind will provide for the full cost of burying the existing overhead utility lines along Beach Lane and Wainscott Main Street between Wainscott Hollow Road and Sayre’s Path.

Deepwater Wind will provide $1,000,000 to establish a Wainscott Water Infrastructure Fund.


Deepwater Wind will provide $200,000 for the Town to establish an Energy Sustainability and Resiliency Fund.


Deepwater Wind will provide regular reporting to Town and Trustee Boards, keeping residents appraised of project.

Deepwater Wind will keep a fisheries liaison on staff over the full life of the project to coordinate with the fishing community.

Limits on Construction Work

Deepwater Wind will commit to a construction approach that limits impacts on the East Hampton Community:

Onshore, the Cable to be buried in a concrete-encased duct bank, 3 - 6 feet under roads, like a typical underground utility.

No work will be performed onshore before Labor Day or after Memorial Day.

Disturbed sections of Roads will be fully restored. Temporary patch will be installed for the summer season with full resurfacing after Labor Day.

Traffic flow to be maintained during construction in accordance with a traffic management plan developed with the Town.

Cable to be installed 30 feet under the beach using a horizontal directional drill – a standard utility construction methodology.

No construction work will take place on the beach face.

Beach access to be maintained during construction (except one-day closure for conduit rolling).

No drilling before November 1 or after March 31.

Drilling operations to occur during typical construction hours (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) except during limited circumstances: (A) for safety reasons, (B) to protect life and/or property, (C) to protect the structural integrity of the bore hole or to prevent damage to or loss of the bore hole, (D) Installation of the HDD conduit, or (E) Pulling the Cable through the HDD conduit to the transition vault.

Deepwater Wind will provide the Town Architectural Review Board a design of such exterior wall; and, will consider adopting into such design any comments offered by the Town Architectural Review.